Invest in the Next Distinguished Artist through NFTs

Invest in talented early-stage Artists and help them achieve international success by purchasing their NFTs.Explore Talent
Step 1

Find Talent you are interested in

Explore Senkusha’s hand-picked Talent and their extensive public profiles to choose the Talent you want to support.

Step 2

Purchase NFTs to show your support

Use OpenSea to purchase Talent NFTs. Don’t have a crypto wallet? Senkusha can purchase and hold NFTs for you.

Step 3

Receive exclusive benefits by holding NFTs

You can redeem exclusive benefits from the Talent you supported based on the number of the Talent's NFTs you are holding.
Step 4

Trade NFTs from Talent with future fans

Trade NFTs with fans who want the exclusive benefits from your Talent. The more popular your Talent, the greater your ROI.

Be a part of a Talent's Journey to the top as a crucial supporter.

By showing your support through NFT's, Talent will be one step closer to achieving their dreams by having their essential equipment and needs fulfilled.

Just imagine, you can use those NFTs in the future to prove that you helped a Grammy Award Winner at the time they needed it most.

Explore our Talent

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  • Invest in Ash Supé’s career and follow his Journey

    275/275 NFT
    Raising Target: 0.00 Eth
    Approx. USD 0.00 raised
    Ash Supé
    0.0000 ETH per NFT
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If the project fails to raise enough support, Senkusha guarantee's a full refund

If the goal isn't reached when the fundraising period ends, or if the talent fails to claim the funding for any reason, Senkusha will refund investors by buying back all the related NFT's.
  • 01We will refund you if the Project fails to meet the goal
  • 02We will refund you if the Talent doesn't claim the fund
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