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Browse Senkusha For Your Favorite Artists

Explore Artists on Senkusha to pick who you want to receive benefits from or support upcoming artists you see long term potential in.
Step 2

Purchase Digital Collectibles From Artists

Purchase from Senkusha's platform or secondary markets. No crypto wallet? Senkusha can hold your collectibles!
Step 3

Claim Your Exclusive Benefits

Redeem exclusive benefits for holding collectibles such as free live show tickets, signed merch, your name in their latest work and more!
Step 4

Trade Your Collectibles With Future Fans

Sell your digital collectables on secondary markets to other fans. The more popular your artist is the higher the resell potential.

Revolutionizing The Relationship Between Artists & Fans

Through Senkusha, fans can get exclusive access to their favorite artists, not only giving fans an experience like never before but with state-of-the-art Web3 technology, Senkusha allows fans to resell their digital collectibles to future fans, speculative financial buyers or current fans looking to add to their collection!

This creates an entirely new trading and collecting ecosystem where fans can collect, sell and trade to earn.

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