👋 About Senkusha

We understand that traditional concerts and merchandise are not always enough to fully engage and satisfy fans. That's why we created Senkusha, a platform that enables artists to offer personalized fan experiences that go beyond the typical fan/artist relationship. Through Senkusha, you can connect with your favorite artists on a deeper level, creating memories that last a lifetime.

⛱ Team Senkusha

World-class founders with rich experience in the field of startups, technology, and business operations.

Takeshi Suzuki

Co-founder and Chief Executive

Terry Windwalker

Co-founder and Chief Technical

🚀 Key Values

As a platform, Senkusha aims to provide maximum value to both Artists and Fans through the following key principles.


All experiences are original and tracked through Senkusha.


100% of the sale price goes to Artists.


All Artists on Senkusha are verified before being able to list experiences.

🌿 Senkusha removed 402 tonnes of CO2 with KlimaDAO

This protocal is built on Polygon, a light-footprint network that has offset its carbon emissions. Read more