👋 About Senkusha.

Our mission is to empower talented early stage artists and athletes by raising funds to support their careers. Senkusha combines an intimate fan experience with investing, allowing everyone to get involved and help talented people unleash their full potential. At its core, Senkusha is People, investing in people.

🚀 Key Value

As a platform, Senkusha aims to provide maximum value to both Talent and Investors through the following key principles.


All NFTs and related projects on Senkusha are original pieces.


The purpose for raising and the use of the funding are publicly listed.


All Talent on Senkusha are verified before being able to publish a project.

🌿 Senkusha removed 402 tonnes of CO2 with KlimaDAO

This protocal is built on Polygon, a light-footprint network that has offset its carbon emissions. Read more

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  • Invest in Ash Supé’s career and follow his Journey

    0/275 NFT
    Raising Target: 0.00 Eth
    Approx. USD 0.00 raised
    Ash Supé
    0.0000 ETH per NFT
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