👋 About Senkusha

Our mission is to revolutionize the artist/fan relationship by creating an entirely new ecosystem of access, funding and trading. Senkusha empowers artists by helping them raise funds to support their careers whilst offering fans the ability to access exclusive benefits that have never been available before. In doing so, recreating the music industry with artists and fans at the forefront.

⛱ Team Senkusha

World-class founders with rich experience in the field of startups, Web3, and business operations.

Takeshi Suzuki

Co-founder and Chief Executive

Terry Windwalker

Co-founder and Chief Technical


Digital Collectible Advisor

🚀 Key Values

As a platform, Senkusha aims to provide maximum value to both Artists and Fans through the following key principles.


All digital collectibles and related projects on Senkusha are original pieces.


The purpose for raising and the use of the funding are publicly listed.


All Artists on Senkusha are verified before being able to publish a project.

🌿 Senkusha removed 402 tonnes of CO2 with KlimaDAO

This protocal is built on Polygon, a light-footprint network that has offset its carbon emissions. Read more

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