Support Ash Supé’s career and follow his journey

Funding for Ash will be allocated to purchasing essential equipment, music production, content creation and marketing to take his career to new heights.
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ArtistAsh Supé
Published bySenkusha
Raising TargetInfinity Ethereum = USD 7,700.00

Baby Supé275 / 275 Sold

The Digital Collectible

The Baby Supé art behind the project represents Ash’s life dream that eventually convinced him to drop his 9-5 tech job and start chasing his dream. The Baby Supé also represents anyone with a dream they may not be pursuing, no matter how big or small, and to go out and chase it.

Baby Supé will first appear in the music video “Lifestyle Freestyle” by Ash Supé, which will be released on June 30th with the official music video released in early July.

The Project

This project is raising funds to cover the cost of music production, release, and marketing. Currently, Ash is spending a lot of his energy raising funds to support his music career. Ash has seen a huge growth in the past year and we believe with the financial shackles alleviated and extra time to work on his craft this will grow exponentially. If the fundraising succeeds, Ash will be able to put all his energy into music production and exportation.
Number of Baby Supé Collectibles:

- Holding one or more
  • Access to exclusive Baby Supé holders-only Discord server. The place to discuss all things Supé and beyond. Meet other fans, hear and vote on unreleased demo tracks.

- Holding two or more
  • Early access to unreleased music (upcoming releases, demo songs and collaboration songs), live shows, merchandise and more. You will be notified before anyone else of anything Supé.
  • Quarterly livestream Q&A. Ask questions and talk about everything under the sun with Ash.

- Holding six or more
  • Your name in the credits of every music video for the rest of Ash’s career.
  • Exclusive merch. Vote on designs and receive signed merch from Ash.
  • Free entry to one live show per year. If Ash is playing Spark Arena or Mt Smart Stadium, you get the VIP treatment for being an early supporter in a big way.
Total raise amount in USD: $7,700


Senkusha has chosen to invest a portion of the money in making Ash’s music career sustainable and of the highest quality. With new equipment, Ash will be able to create high-quality recordings in years to come, as opposed to paying for studio time, given that Ash has learned to engineer, mix and master his own songs.

- Microphone: $1,199 USD
- PC: $2,000 USD

Total = $3,200 USD


Marketing is essential to reach new eyes and ears and will be allocated strategically to maximize growth.

- Use of multiple different channels and platforms: $500 USD

Total = $500 USD


Content is essential for capturing peoples’ attention and bringing them to a streaming site to listen to a song.

- $2,000 USD
  - 4 x $300 music videos
  - 8 x $100 short reels

Total = $2,000 USD

Producing is a service that Ash needs to outsource, this includes instrumentals and producer sessions.

Total = $2,000 USD
After successfully raising the fund, Ash plans to reach the following goals:

Short-term (3 months after funding)

- 7 new songs released. Two of them are singles, with the other five songs being combined into an extended play (EP) to be released together.

- Achieve 1,000 Spotify followers.

- 100,000 streams across all platforms.

Long-term (2024)

- Get 100,000 monthly active listeners across all platforms.

- Achieve 1 million streams in total across all platforms.

- Achieve 10,000 Spotify followers.

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